Today's Bits And Pieces

Andrew Christian Underwear Models Get Wet
Andrew Christian models get soaking wet in their latest video (NSFW).

New York City In The Dark
The city that never sleeps was pretty dark last week when Hurricane Sandy wiped out power to much of lower Manhattan. 

Multi-media artists Jared Levy and Michael Marantz were there to capture the blackout in a stunning time lapse video that documents the eerie streets of the storm-ravaged city.

Kylie Minogue Talks 25 Years Of Music
Kylie Minogue discusses 25 year music milestone and the best advice she's received with Noah Michelson.

PSY Performs With Madonna
PSY and Madonna perform a mash up of Gangnam Style and Give It To Me at Madison Square Garden.

Gay-Straight Sitcom Partners Likely To Be Cancelled 
CBS typically cancels its lowest rated sitcom each season, so rookie sitcom Partners has been certain to be canceled from the day its ratings stumbled out of the gate.

Japan Turns Male Masturbation Into Art
Here's more evidence that the Japanese are the kinkiest people on the planet.