Chris Hemsworth Is GQ Australia's 'Man Of The Year'

Chris Hemsworth suits up for GQ Australia's Man Of The Year 2012 issue. 'Thor' is photographed by Simon Emmett.

Here is what Chris had to share with GQ.
His childhood Star Wars obsession
It was definitely a dream scenario. I was on The Avengers publicity tour and I had a real moment where it felt like I was part of something special. Kids were looking at The Avengers like I used to look at Star Wars. They were running around pretending to be us. 
His sudden success
This year may appear like it was big, but it’s only because all the films I’ve been working on have finally come out. The past four or five years have just been a blur. 
On growing up Aussie 
It was a different world. There were crocodiles and buffalo. We were isolated, one of two white families. We saw a lot of corroborees and tribal dancing. I have a wider understanding for the Aboriginal situation because of my time there. It’s an insight into that world that most people don’t get.
Three years on an Aussie soap
Whenever you mention ‘Home and Away,’ people list all the Aussie actors who’ve come over to the US from it and been successful. You’ve got Naomi Watts and Simon Baker. Heath Ledger did a stint there. Hugh Jackman. No, I don’t think he did.