A Holy Blood Popsicle

This coming saturday, Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz holy wine “Christian Popsicles” will be served at the opening of the Love it or Leave it show at R’Pure Gallery in New York. The laser engraved custom wood popsicle sticks will be used for frozen red wine popsicles that will be distributed as cocktail refreshments to the art gallery attendants. According to Errazuriz the popsicles have been inadvertently blessed by the priest during the Eucharist, as the popsicles were hidden in a cooler by the artist.

The holy blood popsicles and their uniquely designed cross stick are a comment of the artist on the close relationship between extreme religious fanaticism and violent historic religious blood baths.

More from Sebastian Errazuriz:

"In the past years America has appeared to suffer a historical regression becoming more politically and religiously extremist than previous decades. The current religious fanatic groups although deemed potentially violent, are dismissed due to the current focus on religious fundamentals from the Middle East. While fighting the War on Terror, we forget that only a few decades ago, groups like the Ku Klux Klan, where a functioning, dominant political force in American society. The Klan much like other extremists identified themselves as a Christian organization, carrying out 'God's work' branding the Flaming Cross as their symbol during their reign of terror. Today the Klan is long gone; nevertheless extreme religious and political groups continue to hold a dangerous and growing influence over American politics, demanding that politicians publicly profess their faith in God and enforce laws that defend the ideology of the Bible over individual liberties."
Well said Sebastian.... religion today hold too much influence over American politics. There should really be a separation between religion and politics. This will not the the first time that the Brooklyn-based artist has used art to tackle an array of issues. He has previously use art to tackle New York's death rate, the cccupy movement, military suicide, children with disabilities and the brutal reign of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Now, with this popsicle, the artist is taking aim at religious extremism.