More publicity for newly-out popstar Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong is defying the notion that keeps many Chinese stars in the closet - that it will be bad for their career to come out.

Since he told 12,000 fans during a reunion concert of his band Tat Ming Pair that he is gay last month, he has starred on the cover of the Chinese mainland version of GQ and now Time Out Hong Kong.

In the interview Wong says, in a subtle dig at the increasing influence of mainland China on the democratic territory, that he came out publicly for Hong Kong.

‘Part of Hong Kong-ness was being very liberated. I think we were losing that feeling of liberation. When I did the final night [of the four concerts], I think I have to free myself and liberate myself in order to get the message across about Hong Kong being a free and liberated city.’

Wong also said that he’d only decided to come out publicly three or four hours before the fourth and final concert of Tat Ming Pair’s reunion dates.

‘I just told my manager, “oh I might as well talk something about my identity as a gay man”. And he said “yeah, why not?”’

Wong said he deliberately used the word ‘faggot’ [‘gay lo’ in Catonese] when he came out ‘because that’s the word people use if they want to insult you… so I’m telling you I won’t be insulted. I’m not afraid.’

When asked if he as going to be a spokesperson for gay rights, Wong said no. ‘I’m not partnering with any groups or activism yet but I’m my own spokesperson,’ he said.

However, just a few weeks after coming out, Wong appeared, spoke and performed at an IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) event in Hong Kong.

See clips of Wong’s Time Out Hong Kong interview here:

Article from Gaystarnews.