Green Lantern Going Gay?

Since Kapow Con this weekend, the Internet has been ablaze with rumors concerning the "coming out" of a major DC Comics superhero. Hints were dropped by DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio about the possible storyline, and Courtney Simmons DC's senior vice-president of publicity, confirmed to ABC News that "One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June."

We've heard a rumor about who exactly this character is, (as well as what issue this storyline is going to drop)...and he is definitely major and iconic.

A little birdie told us it might be Alan Scott, and the issue Earth Two #2, hitting stands June 6th. This has not been confirmed by DC, who has issued a "no comment," and it is only a rumor.

Earth Two #1
Scott was the original "Golden Age" Green Lantern, who had many modern adventures as part of the Justice Society. With the New 52 reboot, a new Scott was recently introduced in the Earth Two series: a young and dynamic head of business in the Tony Stark mold. If DC was to "start fresh" with a new Scott/Earth Two G.L., his sexual orientation would be an organic part of his character from the start -- quieting critics who might accuse DC of "shoehorning" the storyline to a character previously identified as "straight."

The Green Lantern comics are no stranger to storylines regarding issues about homosexuality. The Kyle Rayner version of the character saw his young assistant, Terry Berg, be the victim of a brutal gay bashing -- one that Rayner avenged. Nor is DC Comics devoid of gay superheroes -- the most prominent at the moment being Batwoman. But if a Green Lantern was involved, that might bring things to a whole different level -- no doubt also bringing with the revelation a great deal of controversy. After all, comic fans I'm sure remember what happened when Green Lantern Hal Jordan was replaced with Rayner...

Anyway, whether the character is Alan Scott or not, applause to DC Comics for the further diversification of its characters!

Article from MTV Geek.