I'll marry you

Italian LGBT rights group, Arcigay, release this video during valentine's this year to draw attention to the need for marriage equality in Italy. The video is called "I'll Marry You" and it's named after a well-known song by Lorenzo 'Jovanotti' Cherubini, who offered the use of it to Arcigay. Check it out.  

I love the song so much that I went hunting for the meaning of the song and found these lyrics. Don't you think the lyrics are beautiful?

Ti Sposerò - Jovanotti

I'm still not tired
of staying under the sun
of taking your hand
of telling you "I love you"
years will pass
my colour will change
but I'm sure that
there will still be the two of us
like the donkey and the ox
like black and white
like a bicycle that goes
up the hill
climbing to get tired
and then coming down to plant between thousands of sunflowers
between all those colours
towards a little abbey
where every day that I'll live
I'll marry you

day after day, hour after hour
we've become strong like a truth
we start over
let's go far away like strangers
alone in a big city
Hi, nice to meet you, how are you?
what's your sign?
what's you're name, let's go
along the road, with the bag hitchhiking
arriving at North Cape between all those gulls
and taking your hands
the two of us hugged in an igloo
where every winter that I'll live
I'll keep you warm

may every day be a day of love
and every moon a honey moon