MiKE MUNiCH - Referee @ Matinee Las Vegas

Mike Munich wants you to give it to him. Apparently. "I want to be a gender fuck, really masculine and really feminine. Something new and different." That's what the super sexy Mike Munich told us, and he seems true to his word if his latest eyeliner packed video is anything to go by. Breaking into the music world Mike has released this video ahead of his Matinee Las Vegas gig on 26 May. To be honest we don't really know what's going on in the video, all we can focus on is the 6'3" (190cm) dancer-turned singer's torso. Mike is by far one of the luckiest gays we know. His CV includes working for Mother Monster by donning horns and dancing in the Born This Way video, featuring in the Alejandro video and also carrying her vessel (yeah, egg) gown the Grammy's red carpet. When he's not dancing with Adam Lambert and Ke$ha, and modelling, he has also starred in Glee as a member of rival singing group Vocal Adrenaline. Mike's on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

News source - Gaytimes.co.uk

In Vegas and wanna catch Mike Munich. Mike will be performing at the Rumor Boutique Hotel at noon on 26 May. It's a Saturday. For more info, click here.