Webcammer Izzi Tipped Thousands Just For Being Nice

Just stumble across this video posted by Winston Chicago. Wow amazing.......and lucky lucky Izzi :) Below a quick explaination from Winston on the video.

Sometimes people do nice things for people they don't know! I stumbled on this cam performer last night (May 6) and he caught my eye, mainly because he was talking casually to his chat room, describing how he runs the room.

Turns out his fans really, really like him. All of a sudden they started "making it rain" purple in the form of "credits." On this site 100 credits = $10. At first they started with small amounts, but soon users were tipping him thousands, for doing nothing at all (around 6:20). He started to freak out, crying, running around -- and it just kept on going!

“This is greater than sex,” the performer, going by "Izzi" later said. (I had to stop recording for lack of disk space). “They ask for nothing, and I’m sitting here willing,” he said of his fans. “I would do anything for you guys. You know that. But you don’t ask for anything!...I’m just blessed with the greatest fans in the world." 

This isn't the first time it's happened. Izzi has been on the site for awhile, but this might be the biggest sum he's racked up: “Twice a month my room starts doing to me like this. They just kill me,” he said.

After he signed off his fans talked about why it happened. AnnieinAustralia said: "I can't explain it...some would say he's brainwashing us all...but he inspires the room with the way he is." KStarOne, one of the tippers, said: "he is real and that in itself is what brings people to him."

According to his profile, Izzi is 26, bisexual, speaks Italian and lives in Canada. Under "what I like" he writes: "I just want to please. Im a true performer that dives deep into the minds of my audience. You ll find out very quickly that my room is like a bar scene. Totaly relaxed and care free. Lots of laughter and good times. When you side with me you literaly pledge your allegiance to the Dark Side of the web sight. Join the Empire. Find out what true power really is."

This clip is safe for work, remarkably.