Chace Crawford For August Man Magazine

Chace Crawford for August Man Malaysia.

Here is what the 27-year-old actor had to share with August Man.
On moving to California when Gossip Girl ends
I’m probably going to buy a house out there, get a backyard, get a grill. Live the domestic life. Maybe I’ll get some plants, step up to a dog.
On what he calls the Gossip Girl original five (Himself, Blake, Leighton, Penn, and Ed)
I have a very good relationship with everybody. We support each other, we go see each other’s films, we chime in every now and again. Obviously it’s going to be different when we’re done with the show, but we’ll always have that. There’s always moments during TV shows where it can be sort of a grind, but everyone loves each other and everyone brings something different to the table. We just had such a great time together. That’s one of the upsides for me to the business, meeting this group of talented people from all over.
On still having to prove himself
At my level and at my stage, I don’t have the pick of the litter, I don’t have any power, so it’s still about proving myself and chipping away at those preconceived notions that people have of me like, ‘Oh, you’re on a CW show.’ It’s not a really negative connotation, but it sets a certain precedent before I come into a room. It’s nice when I get a surprised reaction like, ‘Oh, that was good.’