John Cameron Mitchell And Sigur Rós Teams Up For 'Seraph'

Sigur Rós’s Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, in which the majestic Icelandic band recruits different directors to make short films out of all the songs on their new album, marches on. The latest entry, given the title "Seraph", offers a solemn commentary on the human body, depicting a boy who strips naked and is slapped by his father and brought to church to learn about god. The boy then finds himself in a graffiti-strewn, "Garden of Earthly Delights"-esque nude environment, before getting wrapped up in self-mutilation, bar fights, and prison violence.

Created "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" creator John Cameron Mitchell and Dash Shaw, "Seraph" is a beautiful and absolutely striking commentary on the human body, religion and perception. Watch the NSFW-ish video after the jump.