Watch - What's Queer Anyway? A Campaign to End Ignorance

In early 2012, Chen Margolis created the project, “What’s Queer Anyway? A Campaign to End Ignorance.” This campaign - produced by Margolis and Frantz G. Hall - aims to educate the public about important issues directly affecting the LGBTQ communities and to foster a dialogue between mainstream and these marginalized groups.

The campaign begins with six initial segments focusing on topics that tap into themes like history, education, the linguistics of derogatory terms, and the changes to the idea of the nuclear family.

The concept behind the campaign's debut segment (History) means to provide audiences with a broader outlook of LGBTQ communities by showing that this is not a “modern phenomenon,” but a ubiquitous one all throughout history. This segment reflects on the past while exploring the state of things in the present. The campaign's producers hope to emphasize the implications of this history for the perceptions of these communities today.