Jim Sturgess for Nylon Guys

Cloud Atlas's Jim Sturgess photographed by Peter Ash Lee for the October/November 2012 issue of Nylon Guys magazine.

Here’s what Jim had to share with Nylon Guys.
On reading the script for the film Cloud Atlas
I read it in the evening and went to bed thinking about it, and then I woke up and instantly had to reread it again. It was totally baffling, but I knew it was something amazing.
On make-up tests for Cloud Atlas
Ben [Whishaw] and I came over to Berlin, and I remember we both walked into separate rooms dressed pretty identically, in jeans and T-shirts. Then I reappeared a few hours later as a Korean man, and he appeared as a woman.
On having music as a priority
I know a lot of actors who just sort of sit around and drink a lot of coffee and get married. I never feel like I’m desperate for the next job, which I think helps. Acting is weird. You have to be given a reason to do it. You can’t just prance around in your bedroom and do it…well, you can! And I’m sure people do. But music is totally separate from that. You can sit in your room and play guitar or the keyboard or whatever.