Watch - Evan Peters Goes Synthetic For Tyler Shields

American Horror Story: Asylum hottie Evan Peters is a man in love with a blowup doll called Betsy in a Tyler Shield's video. 
'Betsy. That’s my girlfriend Betsy. We’ve been going out for about a year and a half now. I guess you can say things have gotten pretty serious,” Evan says while playing the role. “It started as sex, but it moved to a whole other level of connection and meaning. I mean, I’d come home after a really long day at work and you’re just sitting there and like ‘Jesus, I need someone,’ you know? You get really lonely. She fills that.'
Check out this rather weird video that accompanies the photo shoot of Evan and his girlfriend Emma Roberts. Man, has any guy been so cute and so skin-crawling at the same time? I guess this is keeping in line with his show.....