Watch - Will And Sonny From Days Of Our Lives Ready To Make 'Sweet Love'

After months of waiting, it is finally here. Will and Sonny are finally going to make 'sweet love' on the November 14th episode of Days Of Our Lives. Watch Will and Sonny SLOWLY undressed each other in a 1 minute teaser after the jump. 

From TV
"The Will and Sonny fans have waited a long time for this but the delay has been a good thing," says Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny. "It's allowed the audience to get to know our characters and to get to a place where they are really rooting for them to get together. I don't expect anyone will think the sex scene is controversial. Hopefully, we're past that. This isn't a story about two gay guys. It's about two human beings who truly love each other." 
Chandler Massey, who won an Emmy this year as Will, says it's been "refreshing to have a couple in soaps who haven't been thrown together too quickly. We took our time before getting to the sex and the characters and the show are better for it. But" — he adds with a laugh — "I will also say that it's about time!"