Scoot McNairy for Mr Porter

'Killing Them Softly' hunk Scoot McNairy photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov for Mr. Porter.

Here’s what Scoot had to share with Mr Porter.
On not wanting to live in Hollywood
I always knew I never wanted to stay [in LA]. And having met my wife she was of the same mind-set…. We really wanted a house in the middle of nowhere, where we can be as loud as we like and shoot guns. You wake up in the morning, brew a nice cup of coffee, walk out onto the back porch and just start firing off firearms in your boxers.
On throwing himself into his roles
Everything else goes on the back burner and I put in as many hours and as many days as I can.
On how he got his start in LA
I did something like 200 commercials. I can’t even remember them all. Everything from Chevy to Taco Bell and Bud Light.