Olivier Martinez for Ocean Drive

French actor Olivier Martinez photographed by Jack Guy for Ocean Drive magazine.

Highlights from his interview with Ocean Drive.
On his role in 'Cybergeddon'
"I play a cyberterrorist—a supersmart, tech-savvy man who’s going to use his skills for revenge. In a way, it’s kind of a criticism of the dangers of the Internet, and of all these new media and means of communication, like what happens if it gets into the wrong hands…. But cyberterrorism between countries does exist, with spies and such—it’s a new dimension, and it has a real effect on humanity." 
On fame
"To be famous doesn’t really represent anything, and it’s rather tacky to consider yourself famous. In a world where most people want to appear, I want to disappear a little bit…. I like to have some distance with everything. And if people don’t recognize me on the street, it’s even better. That isn’t where my ego is."
On his love for food
"I completely associate food with pleasure. For me, to eat, even a sandwich, it has to be really good, and I have to get some pleasure from the taste. That’s where your culture starts—good taste, good flavors, everything starts there. Like putting good gas in your car, good food starts you off, and when you can taste a variety of foods, you get to internalize many different perceptive qualities, and everything is related after that. You are what you eat." 
On where he sees himself in 10 years
"Hopefully in a nice place near the ocean. My ocean is the Mediterranean, so somewhere there, near Corsica, or in the south of Spain, or Morocco. That’s where I’d be happiest."