Johnny Wilson for VMAN

Chasing Mavericks actor Jonny Wilson shows off his ripped physique to photographer Carlos Serrao for the latest edition of VMAN magazine.

Here is what the actor had to share with VMAN.
On playing a nonfictional character
That was the hardest part of the whole film for me. I felt a lot of pressure to do it right by his family and friends. But thanks to what the town and Jay [Moriarity]‘s friends and his former wife, Kim, did for me… I just couldn’t have done it without them.
On if he’ll continue surfing in the future
Not really. I’ll never stop surfing, but I have no illusions about the amount of training and natural ability that big waves require. Too many people have been training to surf Mavericks since they were eight years old and it still takes them into the next life.
On his favorite scene in the film
Maybe the night-surfing scene. How many people get to surf a premiere spot at two in the morning with huge projector lights blowing it up and the lineup of surfers completely cleared – and with the girl of their dreams?! And getting to surf every morning with the world’s best big-wave surfers training me.