Over 50,000 at Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade

A record of over 50,000 people from across Taiwan and abroad marched though Taipei last Saturday to push for marriage equality in Taiwan as the island marked its 10th annual LGBT Pride event.

The organizer said a record number of over 3,000 foreign LGBT supporters from 23 countries joined the event, which carried the theme “Marriage Revolution — Equal Rights to Marriage, Diversity in Partnership.”

Hong Kong pop star Gigi Leung and singer Anthony Wong, who came out publicly this year, showed up to express their support for LGBT rights.

“Love is gender-blind, everyone is entitled to the right to enjoy happiness,” Leung said was quoted as saying in the Taipei Times. “I can feel the joy of marriage after I got married last year, and I hope that everyone can enjoy the same degree of happiness as I do, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Check out some photos and a video from Taiwan's 2012 LGBT Pride event.

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