Chris Hemsworth - Empire Magazine's Man of the Year

Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth has been named Man Of The Year 2012 by Empire magazine.

Here’s what the 29-year-old actor had to share with Empire.
On Thor 2
There’s a lot more of an organic feel to Asgard now. And that Viking element of the Asgardian people, of Thor’s history, is much more present. It’s less science-fiction. I mean, if you look at ‘Game of Thrones,’ what I love about it is that it has that mythical element but you’re always so grounded in the organic world. I think that’s the goal second time round. 
His chemistry with Tom Hiddleston
It was kind of perfect, the way he and I were at very similar points in our career. We’d done bits and pieces but nothing that had ut us on a platform like this was about to. We were both as excited about the whole process and had the same sort of passion for films and these types of stories. We’d just be giggling: ‘We were just on set with Sir Anthony Hopkins, can you believe this? And Kenneth Branagh directing! How the hell did we get here?’ And on The Avengers it was the same thing: ‘Oh my God, that’s Robert Downey and Sam Jackson!’ Some of the stuff I look most forward to are my scenes with Tom. We’ve had a hell of a lot of fun.
His overwhelming success is weird
It is strange because you almost forget that this just doesn’t happen that often. I was talking to Matt Damon and he goes to me, ‘So Snow White did pretty good?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I think it’ll probably hit $400 [million], but it’s not Avengers numbers.’ And he goes ‘Man!’ and he shook his head. ‘You’re f***ing ruined — 400′s huge!’ It’s like my brain thinks, ‘That’s the norm now, that’s the benchmark.’ Which, Jesus, I don’t think anything will ever come close. It’s almost as if I’ve been ruined for the rest of my career regarding box-office expectations.
On his upcoming flick Red Dawn
We all look about four or five years younger… We’ll be like Benjamin Button! We’ll just get younger as these films come out over the year… It was fun for that reason. There were, like, ten of us off to boot camp and weapons training and military training. We were all out in Detroit for four months and between the ages of 15 and 25. 
On his fame vs. Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Kristen Stewart‘s fame
Um… I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s is certainly a teen audience, and there was such um… It’s that sort of, ah, what’s the word? Sort of hysterical kind of fan base, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films — all the Marvel films — and it’s a little different from what she experiences.
On being ‘Man of the Year
It’s pretty funny. It’s very nice and thank you very much, firstly. I was just discussing this — like, what does that mean? Man of the Year? I’d love to be man of the house but with my wife and now my daughter I don’t think I’ll ever hold that title! They certainly run the show. But any sort of indication that people like what you’re doing, and which in turn allows me to keep doing it, is a huge plus. 
Why the rush of Australian actors succeeding in Hollywood? 
I could throw out a bunch of maybes. A producer once said to me once, “America really relates to that Western, cowboy culture because it was their history and Australians still have some of that.’ I don’t want to say something that would be offensive to other bountries like, ‘Ah, it’s because we’re more manly…’ But I’m sure there is some cultural… swagger.
Chris is photographed by Matt Holyoak.