Jamison Murphy by Adam Smajli

Aspiring musician and model Jamison Murphy photographed by Adam Smajli. Not only is Jamison gorgeous but he can sing very well too. Hope he and his band will hit the big time soon. Check out some of his music after the jump.

Yellow - Cold Play Cover

Rolling In The Deep - Adele A Cappella Cover

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble Cover

His original composition 'Chapters'. 

Like what you hear, visit this talented musician's facebook page and let him know. You can also hear more of his music from his website. Oh and don't you think he looks way better in his videos than in the photos? 

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  1. I'm friends with Jamison and will be sure to show him this post. Thank you for supporting his music too - that's where his true passion is. I wanted to comment on the your question, "Don't you think he looks way better in his videos than in the photos?" In keeping up with Jamison, I've come to understand he's not very happy with the way his agency is trying to market him. He says the image they want for him is not "him" at all, and would agree with you that the pictures he's taken so far are, in his words, "Horrible, and not 'me' at all." They made him cut his hair, start dressing differently, and seemingly want him to act with an air of confidence that Jamison can only describe as "arrogant." He's one of the most humble, modest, and genuine guys I know and this whole "bad boy/rebel" thing, in his opinion - and I can't say I disagree, isn't working for him. He knows that, and he's looking into a couple interested agencies for new representation. Again, I'll make sure Jamison sees this - I know he'll appreciate the support.