Lolli of the day - Luke McFarlane

32 year old canadian actor and musician, Luke McFarlane is a GORGEOUS and I might add GAY. It's a shame that Luke does more theatre work than screen work because I want to see more of him. I noticed him on the ABC drama, Brothers and Sisters where he plays Scotty Wandell, who dates and marries Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys), one of the "brothers" in Brothers and Sisters and I have been in "love" with him ever since. He is definitely ageing very well judging by the photos. He is soooo cute. Gosh, I am drooling. 

He has a fantastic speaking voice and when he sings, his voice turns smokey and velvety. Check out the above promo video for "Sam Bendrix at The Bon Soir" by The City Theatre Company and you will know what I mean. Luke plays Sam Bendrix in "Sam Bendrix at The Bon Soir".

Luke has dated actors like T.R Knight (Grey's anatomy) and Wentworth Miller (Prison break). Rumour has it that he is now dating someone out of the industry. Smart move Luke. Sigh who wouldn't like to date this cutie? He is just someone you know mum would approve. Below are 2 scenes I pick up from youtube for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!!

Kevin proposes to Scotty in "Brothers & Sisters"

Chad proposes a threesome with Kevin and Scotty