Newly-out Hong Kong pop star is GQ China cover story

Chinese version of GQ celebrates Anthony Wong's open homosexuality with cover story

Anthong Wong, the Hong Kong pop star who came out at the end of a reunion concert last month, is the cover star for the Chinese version of GQ this month.

Wong’s dapper self can be seen literally coming out of a door on GQ covers on newsstands across mainland China, in a ringing endorsement of Wong’s new openness about sexuality.

In the US or UK, GQ has rarely, if ever, had an out gay man on the cover.

In the interview inside the magazine, Wong says:

‘I always felt that I was in the minority since I was a little boy. I still feel this way now but I have learned to protect myself. I’m reluctant to say, but I have to accept that I have to shoulder some social responsibility. This society has given me so much, so I should give something back, remind us of the social reality we live in.’

And Wong's not waiting around to 'give something back'. This Saturday (12 May) Wong is speaking at an IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) rally in Chater Garden in Hong Kong.

Article by Anna Leach for GayStarNews. Click here to view the original article.