The Support Group

Sometimes the best way to share a very personal secret with your best friend, is to tell him in a room full of strangers. The Support Group is a 15 minute short film by Kevin Slack. Check out the short film below. 

Synopsis -:

As James sincerely exclaims, Parker has been his “bro-jangles” since forever. The two have kept a life-long bond despite their obvious differences. Now in his early twenties, Parker has been struggling with a secret he has kept for years.

He is not sure how his best friend will react to him being gay.

To help calm his own nerves and ease James into the situation, Parker brings James to a support group with a cast of colorful characters that bring out his friends true views on the subject. However, when the group finds out James isn’t gay, they treat him as their enemy.

The Support Group will show audiences that the least likely of people can surprise them and break formed stereotypes. When it comes down to it, we are all alike and this film portrays that with a smart comedic tone.  Hopefully people can recognize and move past social ignorance and relate to the characters dealing with their insecurities.

The Support Group hopes to be entertaining, relevant, and open up the minds of the close-minded.