Aaron Taylor-Johnson Covers Bullett

Kick-Ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson covers Bullett magazine’s Fall 2012 Romance issue.

Here is what the 22-year-old had to share with Bullett.......
On being in love
I think I just have a ballsy approach to everything. I’m f–king fearless when it comes to how I feel. I go to the deep end, and I’m not afraid to because I know when something’s right.
On being a hearthrobPlaying the love interest is not really my comfort zone. It shouldn’t just be about the way you look. I prefer not to be all groomed up and looking suave; I find that cheesy as f–k.
On his former life as a bachelor
Before having a family, I just grabbed everything. I was an opportunist. I had to be. Selfish, ambitious, that’s what actors are, man, what they have to be. I got fed up; I wasn’t really happy. It’s a lonely business and you can get burnt out.