Tom Daley For Heat Magazine

Team GB’s diving star Tom Daley takes off his shirt for Heat Magazine.

Here is what Tom had to share with the magazine.
On his fear of getting fat
When I finish diving I will become a fitness freak. It’s hard because if you are an athlete and you stop, you’ll put on weight so easily so it’s important for me that I keep it going.. I do want to make sure that I don’t lose my shape. I want to stay in shape.
On celebs with perfect bodies
Ooooh, let’s have a think. I love that I’m talking about this while I’m eating a cake. For girls it has to be Cheryl [Cole], Mollie [King] from The Saturdays, Megan Fox.
On the sport with the sexiest athletes
Um, diving is pretty good. Basically because they are constantly on show they like to keep tabs on themselves but then also synchronized swimmers. And gymnasts are pretty good.