Matthew McConaughey For Nylon Guys

Matthew McConaughey covers of Nylon Guys‘ September 2012 issue. Matthew is photographed by Marvin Scott Jarrett.

Highlights from his interview.
On being one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors
The toughest thing for me as an actor who’s become famous? I don’t meet strangers anymore. I think an anonymous spirit is necessary: I need my time to understand who I am, what I want to be. 
On his roles in romantic comedies
I was getting sick of [them]…I’m going, ‘How do I keep the balls on the dude?’ They’ve written it so you have to come back emasculated and go, ‘I’ve been no one without you’…What fucking chick wants that guy? C’mon, man, the guy’s gotta come back with dignity.
On making the move from Texas to California to start his career
I was 21. I walked on the beach every morning, didn’t worry about money, didn’t worry about a job, watered my plants, drank beer, suntanned in my cutoffs and the same T-shirt for days — it was great! 
On his infamous strip scene in Magic Mike
The [striptease] dance needed to be old school— really dirty, manipulative, lusty. It’s not about quick moves, it’s about cocksmanship…I was like, ‘McConaughey, if you don’t strip in this movie, you’re going to regret that your whole life.
On his gritty role in Lee Daniels’ latest film The Paperboy
It was a dangerous role that had inherent shock value — not only in the script but in casting me, a known image of heterosexuality, to go play a guy who had gay releations, who was also a guy who, in my opinion, would fuck anything that walked.