Watch Dikta's What Are You Waiting For?

The music video for What Are You Waiting For? from Dikta is very striking and disturbing (violence) at the same time. The Icelandic indie rock group impresses not only with excellent music, but also with an outstanding video clip. Check it out......

An explanation of the video, via Reddit:
So my director and me (I produce and co-write) just released a music video for a rock band where we wrote a story about a guy who races cars, quits for love and then gets dragged back into racing one last race. 
During the writing process we decided to change the couple from traditional hetero to being two gay men, feeling as it wouldn't change the narrative of the story, that in the society today it shouldn't matter if the couple was gay or straight. 
In a way we felt we were taking a stand in 'normalizing' LBGT but due to the graphic and violent content of the video when we also feared we'd be misinterpreted as being gay bashing. 
After several edits and subsequent screenings we feel that the finished video comes out as we hoped; on it's own it's not a "pro" or "against" statement but takes the kind of 80s action hero "fight for love" theme/cliché and opens it up to the fact that there's no such thing as a standard couple. All this by simply changing the couple from being hetero to gay.