Lesbian Songwriter Lucy Spraggan Gets A Standing Ovation For Her Song 'Beer Fear'

UK X Factor hopeful Lucy Spraggan has stormed into second place on the iTunes download chart, after wowing audiences with her song ‘Beer fear’ on Saturday night’s audition show. Yes... Its a song about booze. Accompanying herself on the guitar, the talented contestant impressed both the audience and the judges, winning a standing ovation.

Speaking to the official ITV1 X Factor website, Lucy also explained exactly what she meant by ‘beer fear’.

She said: “It’s when you wake up, look around the room and say to yourself ‘where the bejeezus am I?’

“Or alternatively it can be when you wake up with someone hugging you and for a split-second you’re thinking ‘who the heck is that?’ When this happens, it always ends up being a mate who crashed over for the night.” Watch her performance on X Factor after the jump......

Spraggan is out and proud. She told The Mirror - “My mum loves gay people, she thinks she’s part of the cool club now...X Factor must do wonders for your love life. Girls do love girls with guitars.”