Guess Who?

So, this actor was about A list. He might still be. It depends on how you judge. Has he headlined a movie? Yep. And it was not a horror movie. It was an actual real honest to goodness premiered in a movie theatre movie. Other than that though he has just been a co-star or second banana. Hugely popular though. Everyone around the world knows his face. The thing is, he does not go out much. He hates going out. When he goes out he has to leave his boyfriend behind. His manager and agent have made it very clear. Do NOT go out in public with your boyfriend. No guys playing basketball. Nothing. The only time you are allowed to go out is if you are with your parents or a girl.

The problem is most of the women he knows have boyfriends so then he is a third wheel. He loves going to premieres because then he gets to feel normal. It is also the one time his boyfriend is allowed to be in the same place at the same time. Our actor has tried the bearding but it just doesn’t work. he doesn’t know how to go about it and because he is so young, most of the women aren’t interested. So, our actor stays at home and orders in. He works out at home and does everything at home with his boyfriend. He would love nothing more than to come out, but he is hanging on by a thread with his career at this point despite his status and will do whatever his agent tells him to do.

From CDNA,