Mr Porter - The Ibiza Issue

Here is one thing I really love about Mr Porter's online magazine, The Journal. Their editorials. It's aesthetically pleasing to say the least. This week, they did a piece on gorgeous British DJ Kitt Proudfoot who is currently igniting Ibizan dance floors.

I just dig the shirts and cardigan that they used for this editorial. Of course 10 minutes ago I have no idea who Kitt is and no offense to Kitt, I will probably forget all about him in 24 hours but not the clothes that he wore. I really love the look that the Mr Porter team gave Kitt. And this is the part I really like.....I can actually purchase from their website whatever that catches my fancy in these editorials. So cool right..... The only bad I could think of is probably my bleeding wallet but of course I can convince myself that these 'gems' are a must have and would probably last me forever or until the next must have 'gems' come along......

Kitt Proudfoot photographed by Jon Gorrigan. To read Kitt's interview or find out more about what he is wearing, click here.