Which Foods Are Gay?

Luismiguel4 says he and host Tim Young -- who go by Bread 8 Productions were inspired to create this tongue-in-cheek video in light of the Chick-fil-A controversy that sparked after the company's CEO expressed his thoughts on same-sex marriage. 'We kind of thought things were blown out of proportion,' he said. 'People are already assuming that Chick-fil-A is strictly for family values, so we wanted to bring out that stereotype by asking which foods are straight and gay,' he explained.

Posing as a conservative correspondent, Young interviewed people in downtown Austin, Texas, asking them not only which foods they thoughts were straight or gay, but also asking people their thoughts on same-sex marriage. 'A lot of people were quick to react to it because it was a way over-the-top question and so was the topic,' Luismiguel4 said. 'A lot of people didn't seem offended. People went along with it and had fun with it. We weren't sure what to expect.'