Watch - Daniel Radcliffe’s “Google Hangout” discussion for The Trevor Project

Daniel Radcliffe sat down and chatted honestly with fans and The Trevor Project members in a Google+ Hangout. The Harry Potter star talked about the self-doubt that plagues him as an actor, but insists that what gets him through these hard times is having great friends and a loving family. “When you do feel self-doubt or you do feel unhappy and you talk to someone about it, it’s better, I do believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. But with things like self-doubt and the slightly more nagging things you do have to have to live with them for a while … You have to live in that place for a bit and if that really frightens you then that’s when turning to a friend will help. Those are the times when the quality of the relationships around you are really what is most important in life, in anyone’s life.”  

The live chat is part of The Trevor Proejct’s latest campaign, Talk to Me. As part of Suicide Prevention Month, the campaign aims to get LGBT youths talking about their feelings.