Nico Tortorella for Treats!

You may not know him yet, says Treats! Magazine – “but you will soon.” The ‘him’ in question is Nico Tortorella, the star of one of Treats’ shoots from their fall 2012 issue. Tortorella is about to hit TV screens in the Kevin Bacon-lead drama The Following but the Treats editorial is all about his love of shopping.

Christian Rios shoots Tortorella in the comfort of his Brooklyn pad.

Here’s what the 24-year-old actor had to share with Treats!.
On his fashionI went to work yesterday. And my co-star, Valorie Curry, looked at me and said, ‘I would never call you a hipster, but you’re… kinda a hipster.’
On his highly anticipated show The Following
All my friends and family are a few less degrees closer to Kevin Bacon at this point. The show is your basic cop drama on crack. You have your detectives, your bad guys, and your victims. I am sure with the team we have this will be some epic television. 
On his favorite bars
The Pikey in LA, a newish bar on Sunset and Fairfax, great crowd and staff. In NY, the Trophy Bar, The Woods, Wythe Hotel, and Bushwich Country Club…