Watch - 'Invisible Parents' Short Film Highlights Gay Families' Inequality

Launching today to coincide with the UK's National Adoption Week, the 'Invisible Parents' online short film hope to raise awareness on gay parenting rights throughout Europe.

The short film features the voice of a woman reminiscing about a happy childhood with her two fathers, before stating that the majority of Europe does not recognize families with gay parents.

The film is directed by Mike Buonaiuto, the man behind Homecoming, the video that went viral earlier this year. Watch 'Invisible Parents' after the jump.

Behind the scenes of 'Invisible Parents'

Neil and Debbie from Gaydar Radio chated with Mike Buonaiuto about his Invisible Parents campaign and how to use video in a proactive way to tackle something that is not on the news agenda -- namely that in over 80% of Europe if you're a same-sex couple, with children, your family technically becomes invisible as soon as you cross the border. Meaning all legal protections disappear.