Darren Criss for Essential Homme

Glee hunk Darren Criss photographed by Eli Schmidt for the January/February 2013 issue of Essential Homme magazine.

Here is what the 25-year-old actor had to share with Essential Homme.
On his breakout role as Glee's openly gay prep school crooner Blaine Anderson
I don’t think you can ever have any sense when that happens, ever, in life. As an actor one wants to hope for everything and expect nothing. So you get a part: Cool, I have a job. You have a character, you don’t know how long he’s gonna be around, you do your best. You just—It’s my first day on set. Hope I make a good impression. What was that guy’s name again? Ok, be nice to that guy. Where do I go? Try not to piss anybody off!—That’s what was in my head! 
On his love for Broadway
I’m such a Broadway show fiend. I try to see everything that I can. Usually if I come to New York and I have the time I will be that guy who’ll see a show on Friday, two on Saturday, two on Sunday. 
On never having enough time for other things
Glee keeps me very busy and I’m happy for it to keep me busy! Any time I can’t do stuff because of Glee, I’m like, that’s OK! There’s no better reason I would rather have to not be able to do something. ‘Sorry, you can’t. You’re on a hit TV show that changed your life! Do you mind?’ No, I don’t mind! This is great!

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