Sam is homophobic...literally. He's scared to death of gay people and it has cost him the girl of his dreams. Now his only way back to her is to face his most fabulous fear head on.

Adam Garcia talking about why he wanted to make Homophobia -: 

So how does a straight guy come to want to make a film like this?  It started when I saw a bumper sticker that said "Homophobia is a social disease", and I thought, "That would be hilarious if it was a real disease."  I went on to write a few initial outlines but nothing really clicked.  During this time, gay marriage became legal in California, and then a few months later Prop. 8 passed making it again illegal.  I was thinking about the couples I know who were so thrilled to be married only to have it taken away months later, and that's when it clicked.  I realized that if I would going to move forward with this project, I needed to say something about same-sex marriage.  So I set out to write a script that shows a main character who mirrors homophobic America: he fears something he just doesn't understand.  A main character who mirrors the sentiments of those who can't be with the ones they love because someone else decided that it's not right.  A main character who is willing to see another side.

Homophobia is a low budget short film. It runs slightly over 15 minutes and is a cute fluffy piece. Nothing too memorable. For me, the scene where Sam was introduced to a stack of personal care products and he took to it like duck to water was the funniest.