I like a little bit of Junior please

Harry Shum Jr is gorgeous. If I ever watch Glee, which I don't, it will be because of him.

I love his long, lean build. And of course those abs of his are just too uh hmm..... . The good thing about Harry is he is quite comfy in being shirtless. Above a video of Harry dancing....... shirtless......Sorry I am writing but my eyes keep glancing at his abs. It's annoying me and very distracting.

Harry doing his GQ photoshoot. Hmm his pants look incredibly tight and short too.

Above an interview he did with People Magazine. People was asking Harry about his ideal date. I did not hear a single word of the interview, harry without his shirt on was proving too distracting. The way he took them off was so badass too.

A really funny comedic short that Harry did before his Glee days. He is just adorable!!!