Matthew Fox for Da Man

Lost actor Matthew Fox photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack for Da Man magazine.

Here is what Matthew shared with Da Man.
On his previous hit show Lost
It was a great experience and a really wonderful chapter in our lives. It was also really wonderful for our two young children, who aren’t so young anymore. We really enjoyed the six years that we spent there. Working on the show was fantastic. I really enjoyed the story and the character that I played on the show. I thought that I was given a really good opportunity to work on a role that was very complex, which gave me the chance to do a lot of different things. It was a fantastic experience all around.
On preparing for his upcoming film Alex Cross 
I lost 35 pounds, which was difficult, but I had really expert help. I met a man in London who had done this for several people — helping them radically change their look for a specific role. We got together and he asked me what I imagined the character looking like. Afterward, he came back with a strategically laid out workout plan that involved us training together on top of a structured nutritional plan. I was very disciplined, I never cheated and I worked really hard on it. Some of the first images that were leaked from the movie made me very happy because I felt like I had re-created the image I had in my mind of what the character would look like.
On his present state of mind
I’m a little anxious right now because I’m going to be traveling a lot soon. I have three films coming out over the next eight months, which means a lot of traveling, moving around and doing press while staying in hotels. I’m usually a little anxious about that stuff because it’s always kind of a whirlwind and it takes me away from my family. But at the moment, I could not be happier with where we are now in Oregon, settled into this home that my wife and I spent three years building. We are very happy here and so I’d say I’m in a very good state of mind.