Sam Champion’s Engagement To Rubem Robierb Celebrated By ‘GMA’ Colleagues And Ben Affleck

The response to "Good Morning America" weather anchor Sam Champion's news that he and partner Rubem Robierb are engaged to be married has been overwhelmingly positive, and the couple has felt the love.

"The amazing response from folks all over the country was just incredible for us," Champion says in this morning's "GMA." "I felt like we lived in a small town -- I was born in Paducah, Ky. -- and to me that's exactly what it felt like. We walked out on the street and everyone was like, 'Hey, congratulations.'"

But the congratulations didn't stop on the street. People took to Twitter to express their happiness for the newly engaged couple, and even this morning's "GMA" guest, Ben Affleck, let his well-wishes be known.

"I want to congratulate Sam," Affleck says on the show. "It's to our shame that you can't get married in every state in the union, but one day I hope you will be able to. It's very exciting. I was very inspired... a moving, love story."

Robierb was also on "Good Morning America," and Champion took the time to address his husband-to-be for all the nation to hear.

"I never saw any of this coming in my life until I met the most -- and I mean it -- the most wonderful, giving, loving, caring person," Champion says. "I'm lucky. I am so, so lucky to have someone like this in my life."

Watch Champion talk about his upcoming wedding below.