Amtrak Promotes Gay Family Travel With ds

Amtrak has launched a promotional campaign that includes gay families. "Ride with Pride" is the slogan Amtrak is using to promote gay family travel by rail this season. Two ads begin with the title "Priceless Family Moments are Now Affordable" and feature gay families traveling within a train car.

From  MetroWeekly.
As part of an effort to market its standard discounted family travel program, for the first time, the national passenger rail company included gay families in its materials. In an online ad sent by Instinct magazine to its email subscribers, a photo of same-sex parents with their child is featured. 
Two version of the ad, one with a picture of a male couple and another with a female couple, were distributed.  Both versions include the headline: Priceless Family Moments Are Now Affordable.  The ad goes on to promote Amtrak's 50% off campaign for children age 2 to 15 who are traveling with an adult, and directs readers to its gay travel website