Synopsis from IMDB -

306 is a film that makes the viewer question: Is the closest person in your life normal? A family member, friend, or a lover? What is the norm that we are suppose to follow in life? What is perceived as normal on the outside is usually just a daily costume, which we as people like to dance around in to assimilate into society. The question is: Who is Eric Hays? Or more specifically: What is Eric Hays hiding? 306 gives the viewer a chance to see a secret that no one else gets to see.

306 is a beautiful short film just over 10 minutes with no dialogue. This short follows the day in the life of a rather cute student. There are two secrets in this film. I will not spoil it for you. Will leave them for you to find. The story is well told and very poetic. And I did not see the twist coming at the end. A really nice short film. Seriously nice. Congratulations to Elliot London, the director, writer and producer for coming up with this little gem.

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