Solos 2007

Solos focuses on three characters. A teacher (Lim Yu Beng) is in a relationship with his male student (Loo Zihan, co-director). While the teacher is committed to developing a proper relationship with the boy, including meeting the boy's mom (Goh Guat Kian), the boy is less faithful, and has an outside affair. The movie also deal with the mom's confrontation of her emotion, arises from the affairs around her.

Synopsis from MRQE -

Kan Lume and Loo Zihan directed this ambitious and audacious experimental feature from Singapore. A teacher (Lim Yu-Beng) finds himself falling into a relationship with one of his students (Loo Zihan), who is only too happy to return his affections. However, the young man's mother (Goh Guat Kian) is uneasy about their affair, though she feels it isn't her place to interfere with the young man's life. The distance between the pupil and his mother as well as the complex nature of his relationship with the teacher is depicted literally as well as through a series of impressionistic set pieces that put the characters into odd situations with incongruous backdrops, and the entire film plays out without dialogue. Solos received its American premiere at the 2007 American Film Institute Festival, while controversy greeted the film's premiere in Singapore when state censors demanded the filmmakers delete the picture's sex scenes.

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