Bramadero 2007

Review from Gay Celluloid -

If you like a bit or even a lot of erotic man-on-man action in your cinematic viewing, then this is one for you. For whilst fans of the films of writer and director Julián Hernández of Broken Sky and A Thousand Clouds of Peace fame will no doubt be more than familiar as to the nature of his work, perhaps even they are in for a surprise here, given in this instance Hernández has delivered a piece that boldly goes where no BBFC short has gone before! 

Screened as part of the Investigating Desire programme at this years London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival; the clue as to what is on offer here is both in the title and for that matter in the package, namely acts of desire. For this is the story of two mens' sexual encounter on a half-built skyscraper on the outskirts of Mexico City. In short, a rutting place for a pair of Mexican studs to strut their stuff in the form of a mating game, one that is but a prelude to acts of sexual intimacy. 

To that end, Sergio Almazán and Cristhian Rodríguez give their all - literally, in this sexually overt piece; albeit one that is beautifully shot and edited, as delivered in Hernández' trademark emotional silence style, laced as it is with lush long takes and creative cinematography that frankly makes the sexual intimacy on offer, an all the more classy affair. Only you cannot help but feel you're missing something here, that of a meaning to this sensual outing of seduction and sex, if not death and desire.

This mexican short film will probably be the most explicit short you're ever likely to see!!! Is this porn trying to pretend to be art or art trying to be porn? I am still trying to work that out. No dialogue and plenty of skin.

To watch Bramedero, click here.