Miss Kicki

霓虹心 2008

The boat scene

Took this synopsis of Miss Kicki from variety.com -

"After a 12-year stint in the United States, aging good-time girl Kicki (Pernilla August) is reunited with her emotionally shut-down teenage son, Viktor (Ludwig Palmell), in Sweden. In an effort to get reacquainted, Kicki invites her son to join her on vacation in Taiwan. Kicki's hidden agenda is that Taipei is also home to a businessman (Eric Tsang) with whom she has been conducting an Internet romance.

Once in Taipei, Kicki shunts her boy aside but can't summon the courage to let her online paramour know she's in town. Kicki procrastinates by drinking and flirting with the hotel clerk (Ken Lin) while Viktor explores the city and strikes up a friendship with a maybe-gay Taiwanese teen, Didi (Huang Ho). The teens explore the city by moped but run afoul of the local cops for reasons that are not made entirely clear; the untangling of Viktor's escapades compounds errors in Kicki's own misadventures"

The acting in this film is what really stands out. Both Pernilla and Palmell delivers kick ass performances. Pernilla's character could easily alienate audiences if not played with restraint but she did play it well. In fact so well that I actually like her and felt she was a real person. Palmell as well plays shy and vulnerable to a T. Both these actors had their characters radiating sadness and loneliness. Love it.

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