Heart 2010 
Damien is compelled to follow his heart for one last chance at happiness. 
Watching out for him are Fiona and Doc who prove that family isn't always who 
you're born to but who's got your back.

This 14 minute Irish short film is all about friendship. Written and directed by Mark Cogan, Heart is beautiful and moving. Damien wanted to confess his love for his "ex-boyfriend" before it's too late. (He is getting married) He does not have enough courage to do it, so he takes along his friends for support. This short is magnificent from beginning to the end, It just grabs you and drags you along. It would have been seriously depressing if not for the humour added at exactly the right places. I love the scene where Doc stood up for Damien - "Noboby calls my friend a faggot except me". It was quite a heart warming scene. Heck, who needs family if you have friends like Fiona and Doc.....