Pair of love

双 2010

Lin Jeng Je and He Wei Luen are good friends. Wei Luen develop feelings for his friend and is surprised that his friend responded to his advances but Jeng Je is afraid of being called a queer by his basketball team mates and decided to call it quits with Wei Luen. He tries his hand in having a straight relationship with Yi Chin, a lesbian who recently broke up with her girlfriend after being discovered by her mom. Well this straight relationship did not work out for Jeng Je either when he discover he misses Wei Luen too much.

Well this low budget short film from taiwan is kinda short in most area for me. The camera work and the cutting of the audio is really shoddy and from reading the synopsis you get the idea that it is kinda a jumble pot. But hey at least the young actors look good. Plus I love the scene at the end of this short where the two guys hug and of course the groping scene in the shower stall. Hmm I think those were the only enjoyable thing about it for me. But hey who am I to judge. Why not you watch it and form your own opinion?

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