Gay coffee - So not funny!!!

Gay coffee range
I must have lost my sense of humour after a long day. When I fist saw these images, my first thought was huh...... what the...

This is so wrong. Perpetuating stereotype to sell, of all things, coffee? Sigh. Wonder who is advising these people on branding. Are they trying to sell these coffee to gay people? Do they expect us to buy it? I think chances are they will sell heaps to straight people who are buying these coffee as novelty. 

Probably to show to their friends and have a bit of fun at our expense. I could think of half a dozen ideas right now to sell this coffee to the gay market without resorting to this. Gosh maybe I had a longer day than I thought. Sigh. 

Anyway this is what is on the homepage of gay coffee.

Gay Coffee is fabulous, 100% fair trade, organic coffees roasted by hand

Gay Coffee is gay owned and operated and donates a percentage of profits to the National Gay Lesbian Task Force

Gay Coffee is the fusion of camp and queer culture – we take common themes and even some stereotypes, we own them and have some fun with them, while complimenting each theme with a piece of LGBTQ cultural and civil rights history

Gay Coffee is starting conversations all over the the world! Drink Gay Every day at a Nice Price.

I don't know about you but this is one coffee I will not have in my pantry. It's a bloody turn off. And it is not funny.

What do you guys think?