Ridiculously photogenic guy

The photograph that started it all
Meet Zeddie Little V. If you don't know who he is, then I have to ask you where have you been hiding. He is the Internet's newest meme. Little had his picture taken during a 10km race in South Carolina, USA and he's gotten more mileage out of it than he ever did during the run. He's been called the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" and his kodak moment has gone viral.

Whilst most running in a marathon will look like they have gone into labour, not Little. He is just all smiles. Doesn't even look like he has broken into a sweat. If I was in the same race, I would probably be in panting at the halfway mark and in need of the ambulance to give me a ride home at the three quarter mark.

There is a lesson to be learned here somewhere i guess people. That is, you need to smile when you are taking out the garbage or being manhandle by the police caused you never know when your kodak moment is going to happen. So remember to smile......

Ohhh and I only heard about him about 2 hours ago. I was in a cave too. A friend mentioned to me and I googled it up. And when I understand what the craze is about, I have to say we get entertain by the most asinine of things.

Below are some meme I found. Enjoy. My favourite meme is the last one. Haha. Don't shoot me!!!