Seniors doing the Kama Sutra

Ewwww..........this is so god.......... this is soooo wrong......These are some of the words that pop out of my mouth whilst I was watching this commercial. This campaign commercial is going to set some tougues wagging I tell you. For good or bad. Well at least, it will achieve its aim in raising awareness I guess. Not a bad thing since the message is very important. But why am I subjected to this :) The images from this ad will never leave me haha.

This is from -

"In the past 5 years, the rate of STDs among active seniors has risen over 70%. This public service announcement promotes the importance of using condoms, illustrated by mature adults in various poses of the Kama Sutra."

And ohhh, if you are over 70 years of age and contracted an STD, this will be my response to you: "Congratulations. You are a champion and I salute you. Hats off.". Ok now.... I need to delete my browsing history.........