Le ciel sur la tête - Times Have Been Better

Synopsis from Elisa - My reviews and Ramblings

When a 30-something gay guy comes out to his ostensibly liberal parents, things don't go according to plan.

Jeremy excels at everything. He's only 30 but has just been promoted to an executive position at the bank. In his parents' eyes, he's the golden child, much to the chagrin of his younger brother, Robin, who has been the only one in the family privy to Jeremy's sexual predilections.

But when Jeremy unexpectantly stops by for Sunday Brunch and announces that he's just moved in with, well, his boyfriend, things begin to percolate: Jeremy's parents always fancied themselves as progressive and liberal.........after this piece of news - not so much. They embark on a comical quest to find out what caused Jeremy's homosexuality. Mom and Dad accuse one another of knowing their son's secret and never having shared that knowledge. Can this lovely family ever come together again in peace?

Charlotte de Turckheim stars as Rosine, Bernard le Coq is Jeremy's father Guy,and a trio of irresistible men round out the cast.

This film is about the son (Jeremy) coming out to his parents and them coping with the news that their most beloved son is gay. It is not so much about Jeremy but more on the relationship of the parents and how they dealt with it. As the parents say, it could have been worse: Jérémy could have been in a car crash, have an orphan disease, cancer, or died in a terrorist attack. This film is beautifully shot. It's many strengths are the finely drawn and fully rounded characters. It's quirky and a delight to watch. Great performances from all the actors. And the French do know how to write a comedy...... Loved it!!! Check it out. You'll be charmed too.....

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